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Excursions from Banja Ždrelo

Let's create the best memories together!

One-day and two-day trips

One or two day trips are something that everyone can afford nowadays.

In a relaxed atmosphere, new friendships are born, new landscapes, new cities, specialties, new wines are introduced, and life is enriched with memories that are eternal.

We offer you one-day and two-day excursions, and it is up to you to choose the right one according to your possibilities.

Package 1

One day trip

Gornjak Monastery in the valley of the Mlava River, built in the period between 1376 and 1380 as an endowment of Prince Lazar. The main monastery church dedicated to the Introduction and the chapel in the cave dedicated to Saint Nicholas have been preserved.

The road to Krupajsko vrelo continues. The Homolj region is known as a large ecological oasis, and Krupajsko vrelo is one of the natural rarities and features of this region, and it is located at the western foot of the Beljanica mountain.

Package 2


Vitovnica Monastery, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, according to legend, was built by King Stefan Milutin between 1289 and 1291. In the courtyard of the monastery is the grave of Father Tadej, who served the monastery and was buried there. The strength of his spirit is expressed in his famous work “What are your thoughts, such is your life.”

The route continues to the archaeological park of Viminacium near the old Kostolac – the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia. Viminacium was an important military stronghold where the Roman Legion was stationed.

Package 3

One day trip

The Tumane Monastery is located at the foot of the Golubac Mountains, where the relics of Saint Zosimos Tumanski are preserved as the largest shrine. There are no reliable testimonies about the name and the origin of the monastery. If we rely on the folk memory that is alive in the wider area to this day, Tuman was created as an endowment of Miloš Obilić, who lived and ruled part of today’s Braničevo.

The road to Golubac continues, where the Golubac Fortress was built at the very entrance to the Đerdap Gorge, where the Danube is at its widest. The fortress was an important medieval military fortification and was never conquered.

Package 4

Two day trip

Tour of Central Serbia, departure from Banja Ždrelo in the morning on the way to Krupajsko Vrelo, then a tour of the Manasija monastery, the endowment of Stefan Lazarevic, which was completed in 1418 and is the most significant building belonging to the so-called Resava school.

Arrival in Ćuprija in a unique facility along the right bank of the Velika Morava,
Cruise ship restaurant where you will be greeted by the warm welcome of the owner, where you will be able to taste homemade vines from the Milojević family winery, which you can also buy to take away. You will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a dinner that is specific in that all the ingredients are homemade and from the owner’s farm, prepared in a traditional way and always fresh.

You can complete your tour with a unique experience at the “Aero Club Ćuprija” where you can experience the charms of panoramic flying, so that you can enjoy a panoramic tour of the Pomoravlje district.

In the morning after breakfast with a view of the Morava River, the host will introduce you to his homeland, where you can visit the church he built as his endowment as a memorial of eternity and eternal life throughout the centuries.

On the way back to Banja Ždrelo, you can get to know the inhabitants of exotic regions by visiting the Zoo in Jagodina, and then take a break in the Vivo shopping center where you can use the time for sightseeing and shopping.


Applications and payments are two days before. Applications are made at the hotel reception or by calling 063 314 531 Sandra.


The tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi is actively working on the promotion of numerous tourist attractions located on its territory, namely a large number of cultural and historical monuments, monasteries and churches, as well as natural sites.

On the website TO PETROVAC NA MLAVI  you can view the entire tourist offer, which includes information about the most important attractions, such as next to Banja Ždrelo, Via ferrata Gornjak, Gornjačka Klisura, the archaeological site of Belovode… All about paragliding, fishing, bike paths and hiking, but also about numerous events.

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